Title Fight’s “Hyperview”

Title Fights Hyperview

By Jordan Bradley, Staff Writer

Punk Rock band Title Fight released their third studio album Hyperview on February 3rd 2015. It is their first album with ANTI- records and is different from their usual hardcore sound. This album is placed in the shoegazed genre of music. It is a beautiful, calming and chill album but still sounds like Title Fight.

Branan Ranjanathan wrote that “the heavily distorted, fuzzy wall of sound from previous albums has been replaced by lead guitar jangle here, but while that may seem off-putting to fans who are accustomed to the relentless punk bludgeoning of their previous material, at its core the songwriting is solid, and familiar enough for old fans to learn to love.”

Hyperview is wonderful to listen to beginning to end. The entire thing flows together so perfectly with repeating sounds and a mixture of song types. Jamie Rhoden’s voice will sing straight into your soul with his heart wrenching lyrics. I swear you will not be able to turn the album off.

Track List:

Murder Your Memory- beautiful intro (2:36)

Chlorine- this song brings in the more up beat guitar sounds into the album (3:08)

Hypernight- clever title, clever song (2:56)

Mrahc- faster beat and pretty lyrics (2:11)

Your Pain Is Mine Now- it slows down a little bit here and this one is my favorite song on the album!!! (4:03)

Rose of Sharon- speeds up some and with amazing lyrics (2:50)

Trace Me Onto You- beautiful song with some group vocals, changes pace about two thirds of the way though but they do such an amazing job with it (4:02)

Liar’s Love- A soft and pretty slow song very pleasing to the ears

Dizzy- the same intro that is in the first song on the album. Very cool keeping the sound consistent throughout the whole album (4:21)

New Vision- Final track that ties up the whole record in a nice little bow. (2:14)

This album is perfect for chill times, by yourself or with friends. I highly recommend purchasing this album.  It’s wonderful and will bring joy into your life.