Valentine’s Gift Ideas

By Shelbi Mangel, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, it’s an exciting day for many young couples in the school, filled with presents, dates, diners, movies and good memories.

However there is always the difficult decision of what to get your significant other. People think that many factors play into the gift buying process. How long have you been dating, what did she get you for her birthday, how much have you spent already on her, what are her friends getting, does she even like pink????

All these questions are really pointless, it doesn’t matter what you get them all that matters is that you like them and they like you and everyone it happy. So to save everyone’s feelings from being hurt here is a list of cute, inexpensive gift ideas for either a girl or buy to receive.

1. Candy Letter 

What you will need:

Their favorite candy, poster board, and marker

What to do:

Take the candy and arrange it in a way that creates a cute message for your significant other.

2. Scavenger Hunt 

What you will need:

Envelopes, markers, paper, and creativity

What to do:

Write clues on the paper, put them in the envelope, hide the envelopes in the proper place, and let the fun begin

3. Basket of goodies with cute messages on each 

What you will need:

Basket, his/her favorite things (small items are the best), notecards, tape, and tape

What to do:

Purchase items to go in basket, on a notecard write a cute message going along with each item, tape message onto item and arrange in an appealing way

4. Photo album 

What you will need:

Photos of the 2 of you together and a photo album

What to do:

Place photos in album in whatever order you deem fit

5. Phone case collage 

What you will need:

Digital copies of your favorite photos either with or of your significant other

What to do:

Go to

6. Key chain 

Where to go: and search couples key chains

7. Pillow Pet from favorite sports team 

Where to go:

8. Gear for being number one fan 

Where to go:

Any local sporting store or go online

9. Cookies and cupcakes 

10. The alphabet of us 

What you will need:

28 index cards, a single hole puncher, and ribbon

What to do:

For each letter of the alphabet think of a sweet thing to put (Ex. Every single day I am grateful for you. That would be a great thing to go with letter E.

11.  Jewelry and clothing 

Where to go:

Go to their favorite clothing store, but make sure you know their proper sizes.

12. Flowers 

13. GIANT teddy bear 

14. Bath Bomb (A ball that you put into your bath water that adds essential oils, scents and colors)

Where to go: Lush (At the mall)