Coach White and Mrs. Pickett’s Stories

By: Kara Ferguson & Grace Gallagher

Mrs. Haack:

“I would say my favorite memory of Mrs. Pickett was at Halloween when she was dressed up as a witch. When I think of her, I think of her in that costume. Number 1, a witch is supposed to be really, really ugly but she was probably the prettiest witch I had ever seen.”

Nolan Pyle:

“I was actually on a lower team but he finally started talking to me. And he finally told me that I was being to move up. He always watched me and continued encouraging me to work stronger and get that last rep in.

‘You are working hard in here,” he would always tell me.

This was the week before it happened and he had told me, ‘I have been watching your improvements for a while and I am going to start moving you up.’ So he moved me up to the JV team.

Even when I was on the JV team he continued to encourage me. I just started to get to know him and he really believed in me; it was just a tragedy that it all happened so fast to a man as great as him.”

Bryan Markee:

“We were in advisory and Coach White walked in and Kayla goes up to ask him what reindeers are, which is a punishment we do in football, so Coach White starts laughing and he called me up in front of the class and he made me do reindeers in front of the whole advisory.”