13 Movies You Forgot Disney Made

By Marissa Vrba, Staff Writer

Growing up, everyone had their favorite Disney Channel movie, marking down the day and time it’s at and hovering on your couch in anticipation of the Disney Channel Movie sequence that’s before every movie. But, there are a handful that we forget of sometimes; now that we’re older, we don’t have time to watch many movies, and the old Disney Channel that we came to love has long since been gone. In order to remember the good old times, here’s a list of movies we forgot Disney Channel even made.

1. Snow Dogs

2. The 13th Year

3. Luck of the Irish

4. Smart House

5. Pixel Perfect

6. I Dated the President’s Daughter

7. My Mom’s Dating a Vampire

8. Phantom of the Megaplex

9. Cadet Kelly

10. Life Size

11. Get A Clue

12. Cowbelles

13. Model Behavior