39 Things You Ask When Going to School


By Sara Vivas, Staff Writer

Why am I awake at this hour?

Do I have to dress up?

What should I wear?

How am I going to survive the freezing weather?

Where’s my backpack?

Is my homework done?

Will I have time to finish it before school starts?

How many people will I have to talk to?

Are all my teachers going to be there or will I have a sub?

How did I get here on time?

Is this due today?

How am I going to finish this by the end of first period?

Is it time for lunch?

Did I forget to eat breakfast again?

When is this paper due?

What time do we get out of this class?

When will I ever use this after I graduate?

Can I eat now?

What should I do: my homework, or watch Netflix?

What should I watch on Netflix?

When will I have time to do my homework?

What’s for lunch?

Should I get chips or an apple?

Which chips should I get?

Can I take a nap in fourth period?

Will I have time to sleep after I finish this worksheet?

Did I have homework?

Is this a minor grade?

Can I eat in here?

Will I be able to sleep in advisory?

Did I already finish my work for this class?

Does that mean I can go home?

Is school over yet?

What time is it?

What s the weather right now?

How did it get so cold?

Will I be able to get a seat on the bus?

Why do sixth graders need their own seat?

How did I survive this day?

Will I be able to do it again tomorrow?