Drake’s “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”

Drakes If Youre Reading This Its Too Late

By Jordan Bradley, Staff Writer


I mean, come on Drake, you could have at least given us a little caution on when you are unleashing fire, instead of just dropping it with no warning whatsoever. I mean that is just inconsiderate.

I was at work, February 13th, when the mixtape drop happened, and the fact that I couldn’t listen to it immediately was very annoying. And then Spotify just had to take almost an entire day to get the album on their website. I use Spotify premium and I don’t have any time for them to be messing around and not getting the hottest mixtapes on deck right then and there. I mean they only have one job.

Anyways, Drake has completely astounded me yet again. He has grown enormously personally and musically, but is still making music for lonely, heartbroken boys to cry to.

He seems to get even more personal with his fans through his music every time he drops a new album, and I am so loving it. Throughout the entire mixtape he raps about himself and where he is actually from. He tells the whole truth about where and how he grew up, which was extremely wealthy.

Just about everyone knows that Drake played Jimmy from the Canadian show “Degrassi”; he played a kid who dreamed of becoming a rapper one day but gets shot by a lunatic because his pals were bullying the lad. He struggled with what to do with his life prior to the tragedy and attempts a t-business with his friends, but that falls through eventually and so he decides to go after his rapping dream yet again. Clearly it worked. Just kidding, his acting days are over.

He talks a lot about those days and the fact that he was only acting on TV, making 50 racks a year, to help his mother and thought that it would all go away after he was done.  Fortunately, Lil Wayne took him under his wing, asking Drake to join Young Money and ever since then Drake just keeps blowing up again and again. There is no escaping him so you might as well give into it.

He also speaks a lot of his reoccurring girlfriend of the past, who is from Houston, more than he ever has in his past albums. He raps so much about the 6, which is where he grew up, but it’s almost too obvious that the subliminal message is that he just wants to spew Illuminati all over all of us. 6 God. 6 Man. Star67.

So, there are 17 tracks on the album so I won’t do an extensive description of each one like I did with 1989. Instead I will just share with you my favorites (Which were extremely difficult to choose because I love the whole thing).

Madonna: This song will SURELY give you all the feels if you’re into girls.

Know Yourself: the biggest hit on the album as of now.

Used To: Awesome, thug song with friend of Drake, the rapper, Lil Wayne or Weezy.

Company: Personal song about Drake, and the new, up and coming rapper from Houston, Travis Scott.

6 Man: Extremely fun song to jam  to.

Now & Forever: directly following 6 Man, and super fun to chill to.

You & The 6: In this song Drake raps about being on the phone with his mother, this is the song where we get to find out the most about Drake’s childhood and home life as he was growing up. He talks all about his family and his personal social life that his wishes his mother was not so concerned about.

Jungle: Beautifully produced song about Drake’s girl. He also made a sort film named “Jungle” that tells Drake’s story the way he wants it to be portrayed. I highly recommend watching the video; it’s about 20 minutes in length and if you are a Drake fan, you will love it.