13 Harmless April Fools’ Day Pranks to Try


By Sara Vivas, Staff Writer

It’s nearly the first of April and you know what that means: silly string, surprises, and all manner of hooliganism. Here are a few ways to get in on the action without getting arrested or hated.

1. Make Jell-o, put it in a cup with a straw and serve an undrinkable drink. Watch them struggle to take a drink before they finally give up and eat it.

2. Make caramel apples…with onions. This one is a little meaner than the rest; maybe stick to your enemies for this one…

3. Use clear nail polish to coat a bar of soap to prevent it from lathering (I suggest you avoid them for the day; without soap, they might not smell too good).

4. Use boiled egg dye to color the faucet water. Unscrew the cover, place the tablet, and replace the cover. After a while it will run out, but have fun watching people turn the water on and being shocked.

5. Tape over the sensor on your TV remotes. This will force them to ACTUALLY stand up and turn it on, MANUALLY (crazy, right?).

6. Open a bag of Cheetos from the bottom and replace them with carrots. Reglue the bottom and enjoy the unsuspecting person’s reaction when they bit into a not-so-cheesy snack.

7. One word: bugs. Buy all the plastic bugs you can find and place them strategically around your house or workplace and be prepared for some shrieks!

8. Gather a huge amount of rubber bands and wrap each one in a different direction around someone’s phone. Then, when the moment is right, call them and watch them panic as they try to unwrap it in time.

9. Print out or create a word search or word scramble. The trick is, there’s no way to solve it! Watch them struggle to figure it out; maybe time how long they last before giving it up or figuring out the trick.

10. Go into someone’s closet and hide one of each shoe. This works best if they lack the ability to organize. See how long it takes before they give up and go out with two different sandals.

11. Pretend to fill a bucket of water. Then as you’re walking towards someone, trip, making it look like the “full bucket of water” is going to spill all over them. Then enjoy their face when they think they’ll be soaked.

12. Put a little pinch of salt on someone’s toothbrush. You’ll get to see their reaction to the savory surprise without causing them too much harm.

13. Tell someone that you can pin a glass of water to the wall. Drop the pin “on accident” and ask them to pick it up. When they bend over, dump the water on their head. But, BEWARE, they might be boiling mad (wow, sorry…that was worse than I thought…APRIL FOOLS’!)