New SCI FI shipment

By Hannah Haver and Faith Tabak, Staff Writers

Have you ever wanted to read a book, but would rather not pay for it? Now is your chance to do just that. The George Ranch library holds a wide selection of different genres of books and the best part is you have to pay absolutely nothing to read any of them. Whether you’re in the mood to read a good chic lit or a thrilling murder mystery, the library is always open to book lovers. Mrs. Anderson, the school’s librarian recently divulged that the library has just received a new shipment of sci-fi books, featuring survival novels such as the Maze runner series by James Dashner, Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan, Darkwater Hall by Catherine Fisher, but also Antigoddess by Kendare Blake. The new shipment features many more renowned authors, so if Sci-fi is your forte come on by the Library and check out a copy, I promise you will not be disappointed!