8 Great Ways to Waste Your Time


By Sara Vivas, Staff Writer

I, like many other high school students, suffer from something called procrastination. I have become quite the pro at looking busy when, in reality, I’m doing absolutely nothing.

Here are some of my favorite ways to waste time:

-Netflix. This is probably one of the easiest things to get WAY too into. Once you find a show you really like, all you have to do is click next episode until you realize that you’ve finished the first season in five straight hours.

-Twitter. I can spend soooo much time constantly refreshing my feed, going through the trends, and maybe stalking some famous people…

-YouTube. Going through your watch later and watch history can be pretty interesting. You can find a lot of random videos, like every music video made by your favorite band, for example. You can also follow the suggestions on the side and see where that takes you.

-Buzzfeed. This website has to be one of THE most addictive websites ever. You start with one article that leads to another, and another, and then a quiz, until you realize that you’ve been online for a few days.

-Playbuzz. Similar to Buzzfeed, this site pulls you into taking about 300 quizzes instead of working. Good thing they can tell you what kind of cake you are… That information is crucial to how well you do on the test you should be studying for…

-Listen to Music. Don’t do anything but listen and close your eyes. If it’s a band, try to hear all the different voices. Learn what the beat of the drums is, or what the bass guitar plays. It really changes how you hear the music. This might be difficult to do in public, however, because you may look a little strange with your eyes closed.

-Stare into space. Now that we’ve gone through all the electronic time-wasters, we can get to the classics. I’m guilty of doing this, in say, the middle of history. This can be dangerous, however, if you do it in public. You may find that for the past ten minutes you have been staring straight into someone’s eyes. Or, maybe the teacher asks you a question and you have no idea what they could be talking about.

-Daydream. Much like staring into space, this distraction can be dangerous. If someone tries to talk to you, you might get confused and verbalize the crazy ideas running through your brain. But if you are alone, feel free to dream of your favorite singer walking into the room and saving you from your boredom.

Of course, none of these things should be done at school. You have far too much work to do, but if you find yourself with nothing to do (or something you don’t want to do), try one of these procrastination-promoting activities.