Club News: UNICEF

Every Thursday afternoon from 3:40-4:30, a group of inspired students meets in room 1412 to conduct a meeting for the new club at George Ranch, UNICEF. The “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund” is a global organization designed to help people, particularly children, throughout the world get basic rights and lead healthier and happier lives.

Sophomore Brittany Knight, President of the UNICEF club said, “[We hope to] help raise money for individuals in over 150 countries who don’t have clean water, food security, and an emergency relief fund.”

Though the club just recently got started, the members have already begun to put their words into action. They are planning to raise money during a UNICEF donation week before the school year is over, and they are also hosting “Hat Day” coming up on May 4.

“This is a day where people can wear a hat to school for only a dollar,” said Vice President, sophomore Casey Compean. “All of the profits will go to the UNICEF organization, which will spend the money on worthy causes, such as buying clean water pumps or food in third world countries.”

UNICEF members are already thinking about the future. They plan to participate in what is known as a “Water Walk” for a fundraiser during the upcoming school year.

“[The Water Walk] is a walk where people carry jugs of water for certain distances and, depending upon how far they walk, they will get a certain amount of money to donate to UNICEF  (through pledges),” said Compean.

The members of the UNICEF club definitely have a vision for what they hope to accomplish. Before beginning the club, Knight knew what she wanted to achieve. UNICEF was the way she chose to get there.

“I wanted to truly make a difference in the world around me,” said Knight.

The other members of the club are also just as motivated to bring change to their world through the UNICEF organization. Currently, they are still accepting new members, so head down to Mrs. Kennet’s room after school on Thursday to participate in what is beginning to be a great movement at GRHS!

“[Students should join because] it’s a really good organization that actually makes a difference in the lives of poverty stricken people all around the world. We help people get the basic necessities of life”, said Compean.