‘Dark Bird Is Home’ by The Tallest Man On Earth

By Clay Keeling, Staff Writer

“Dark Bird Is Home” is The Tallest Man On Earth’s newest album. Released in May of 2015 it features songs such as “Darkness of the Dream” and “Little Nowhere Town.” The acoustic finger picking style of their older albums extends its presence into “Dark Bird Is Home”. The woe-be-gone sound combined with Kristian Matsson’s unique vocals, and the tones of the music draws you in to share the personal feelings of Matsson.

One of the most noticeable things about the album is its coarse sound, a  rough quality carried from previous albums. However, unlike others, almost every song features a full band, a change from the normal lone acoustic guitar.

Matsson’s vocals are warm and inviting, and the lyrics of the songs don’t allow formality. The harmony between the vocals and the instrumentals create an atmosphere that anyone can relate too. The emotions are genuine, and the intensity is present, just maybe not as you would expect.


  1. Fields of Our Home: The soft guitar and longing lyrics will remind you of better times.
  2. Darkness of the Dream: The undertones and repetition give some understanding to the seemingly inevitable feeling of the darkness of our dreams, the worst of ourselves.
  3. Singers: The tempos and tones are much like the common ones of the album. The song climaxes and rebuilds to points where the idea changes.
  4. Slow Dance: The change to having a full band is very evident here, the added instruments develop scenery and life, context to the story. The challenges of life seem a little better with trumpets in the song.
  5. Little Nowhere Towns: You can understand Matsson’s feelings of isolation and longing for completeness.
  6. Sagres: Matsson’s contemplations of his purpose and his meaning are obvious. The honesty of his words is sound. Since the mood of the song is so casual, the connection between the music and meaning is superb.
  7. Timothy: The expressions of nostalgia are evident through the bridges that speed up and slow down the song.
  8. Beginners: Carrying a more cheery mood to contrast the rest of the album, Beginners has a more positive and happy idea of the road ahead.
  9. Seventeen: The journey to find himself and purpose told through 1600 miles of streets with fading lines.
  10. Dark Bird Is Home: Our demons don’t control us, and they don’t decide when it’s all over. The gradual build in Dark Bird Is Home testifies to that album defining fact.

Matsson has an amazing ability to link his emotions to his music. Throughout the album he paints the full picture of his feelings, a huge feat. Overall this album is extremely honest, listening will reward you with more than just great music, but also a  great friend.