Five Things to do Instead of Prom

It’s prom night and everyone is out getting last minute dresses, hair appointments, renting tuxedos, etc. But what is there to do if you’re not going to prom? Here are five easy, cheap, and fun activities to do with a small group of friends.

1. You can go to the movies! A few movies that are out at local theatres are Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” featuring everyone favorite pirate gone vampire, Johnny Depp. Other movies out are “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “The Raven,” “The Five Year Engagement,” and even “Chimpanzee.” (Note, “The Raven” and “The Five Year Engagement” are rated R, you must be accompanied by an Adult or Parental Guardian if you’re under the age of 17. It’s about $8.75 at the local Cinemark theatre Rosenberg for an evening ticket.)

2. Host your own movie night at your house! Invite some friends over, pop some popcorn and put in your favorite movie. You can go with the ever so hilarious “Mean Girls,” or a good action film such as “Iron Man” or “The Dark Knight,” or a horror filled “Prom Night”, a suitable movie for such an occasion.

3. You can attend Sugar Land Town Center’s “Music in the Plaza.” Come out to the Plaza for great live music with The Next Level Band, Houston’s premiere dance and party band. Bring your friends, family and your dancing shoes and enjoy great music and great fun. The event is from 7:30-9:30 in the evening. Free of charge! You can also go to and look for other events to go to.

4. Go bargain hunting. Hit the local mall or town center and shop for those last minute deals that stores are putting out for the prom season. You never know what item you can find that’s cheap, cute, and fun to wear.

5. The last thing to do is to just hang out at home. Curl up on couch or bed and read a good book while listening to some tunes. Nothing sounds better than reading the latest book in the series you may be reading or starting on a new novel. Watch that TV show everyone has been talking about; catch up on your reality TV or shows you’ve meant to watch during the week. Or even catch up on the sleep you never get during the week cramming for those AP Exams.

There are several more ideas to do instead of going to prom; playing video games, eating out, social media, etc. All it takes is a willing mind, a few good friends, and imagination to do anything to make this a night to remember.