Bra Money

Bra Money

By Megan Perrin, Staff Writer

It should be well know by now that I work at a grocery store, if not, then go look back at my older works. But yes, I do work at a grocery store, and like any job- or life in general- things happen. One instance that has been coming up lately is bra money.

This very nice lady, well groomed, no undistinguished smells, an all round person; went from being fairly average, if not accompanying, to being memorable.
It’s the end of her order, she’s bagging her groceries because we lack baggers, and I tell her the total. She reaches past her shirt into her bra and takes a wad of money out. It must have been the look on my face, because she just laughs and say, “Don’t worry my boobs aren’t sweaty.” One I hadn’t even considered that, but I for sure am now. And two, Ew.

It’s like taking money out of your butt. Okay, armpit is a better analogy. Either way- I don’t want to touch it! If it came from a place I wouldn’t touch with my bare hands, than I would still not touch it through a secondary source. It’s like second hand smoke, sure it’s not direct, but it’s still deadly.

But what could I do, tell her I wouldn’t accept her bra money, please come back when you use your pocket? Unfortunately, I don’t have that authority. However, I can prevent our future generation of gaining unhygienic carrying methods.

This goes beyond bra money, it encompasses the other popular trends, keeping cell phones on waistbands and in bras, and guys, you aren’t safe either. Studies have shown that cell phone radiation may be linked to cancer, reduced sperm count, and breast cancer. For more info check out

So for my sake and yours, no bra money.