The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials


The cast from the movie.

By Rachel Buchanan, Writer

I honestly had very high hopes going into seeing the sequel to The Maze Runner.  The first movie was quite different from the average young-adult-book-to-movie adaptation.  It wasn’t just your average movie about teenagers in a weird futuristic world taking down the government, The Maze Runner was basically about kids who were stuck in a maze, trying to figure out some sort of government, and eventually escape the maze.

Now, in 2015, the series has taken a turn for the worse in their second movie The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials.

Even though the first movie was very enjoyable and interesting, the ending left the world hanging.  With the hope that answers would be given, I was left very disappointed and a bit frustrated that confusion still hovered over me, even when the credits started to roll.  Why is the world in distress? Why did this corporation put a bunch of kids in a maze?  These are only a few of the questions that were never answered about the first movie.

Now in the second movie, they give the audience some more information, but the information they give does not answer any of our previous questions, instead, more questions are being added on top of the old ones.  Even after reading all three books, I’m still just as confused as someone who has never heard of this book.  Besides, even if The Maze Runner is a best-selling trilogy, the movie should still be able to stand on its own, without help and guidance from the book.

On top of not being able to get into a non-believable universe, the whole movie consisted of a bunch of teens trying to find a “safe haven” from the scorch and it was all pretty boring.  The movie did have a couple good action scenes where everyone was on the edge of their seat, but only for about three minutes, and then it went back to being a bore to sit through.

Contradictory to the boring movie, the acting was better than I expected it to be.  While the popularity of Dylan O’Brien got most of the young girls to the theaters, O’Brien was actually quite excellent in the movie and really grew with the character of Thomas.  While the other actors did well, they made quite forgettable performances.  

All in all, people who read the books, or people who want to see Dylan O’Brien, you will want to see the movie adaptation. But for people who want to see a good futuristic movie, I would not recommend this movie.