The Diverse Ways Halloween is Spent


By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Everyone across the country knows that the 31st is either Halloween, All Saints Day, or All Hallows Eve. Before all of this originated there was the Celtic Festival in Ireland. That was celebrated on November 1 and on the night before people believed that ghosts would roam around and people would leave food  to please said ghosts. That just expand more and more people to celebrate it in their own way.

Austria: People will normally leave bread and water for the dead because they believe they will come back to Earth and they want the ghost to feel welcomed.

Germany: Knives are put away and hidden because the people think that spirits will come back and hunt them down, trying to cause harm to them.

Mexico: The days of the dead, where Mexicans paint their face with bright colorful paint like a skull. They go to the relatives’ graves and leave them food and water and celebrate their death instead of being sad.

Hong Kong:  They call Halloween “Yue Lan”  and its celebrated more as a festival. They  believe that spirits roam around the whole world for 24 hours. Money and fruit pictures are burned during the festival to please the ghosts.

Sweden: Halloween starts from October 31 to November 6 students have short days of school.

Czech Republic and Slovakia: Chairs are placed by a fire place in memory of the dead family members. and also for the family members of the house. This is all Halloween night.

Great Britain: Halloween is celebrated longer than one day, its from October 31 to November 5 people pop fireworks, parties, and bonfires. It is more about ritual spiritual feeling.

China:  There is several festivals. One of them Is the lantern Festival is lanterns. The lanterns have different shapes like dragons,swans and different types of animals. These are light up to push away and scare bad spirits.

Theses are a few different counties that uniquely celebrate Halloween it isn’t only about candy and carving pumpkins. There is history behind  this dark, evil day.