Gay Marriage Legalization


By Katlynn McKenzie, Staff Writer

When I heard gay marriage was legalized on June 26, 2015 I screamed for joy. I have always thought it was ridiculous for gay couples not to be able to get married. Love is love. No matter if you are a man with another man or a woman with another woman. Love is love in its simplest form.

People who do not like gay marriage simply because they think it is wrong and disgusting simply need to look around their surroundings. They are happy they deserve to get married if they so choose to do. It does not affect them in anyway. Is is hurting them physically? No. Is it hurting them emotionally? No. I do understand the religious aspect of it. That is fine. It is their religion and they have the right to believe in what they do.

However it is not right to cause harm to a same sex couple who has most likely done absolutely nothing to you. They are living their lives peacefully. No not all couples are like this but some are and they mind their own business.

In my personal opinion as a bisexual female I think that gay marriage, is great. It opens up possibilities that most couples didn’t have before. This way if I choose to marry a woman I can very well do so. Today’s society is split into three basic groups when it comes to this topic of interest.

First being the supporters and the ones choosing to get married. The second being the ones that honestly don’t care because it doesn’t really affect their lives in anyway. Finally the ones that are against it. Their reasoning may be different but they are against it none the less.

To me gay marriage is an opportunity to be happy. A chance for this country to grow as a whole and stop being so one sided. I am always in favor of love winning. This should have been legalized ages ago in my personal opinion. Gay marriage is just another form of commitment to loving your partner for as long as they are able.