YouTube: Going “Red”


YouTuber Miranda Sings (A.K.A Colleen Evans) is one of many YouTubers who is jumping aboard YouTube Red trend.

By Rachel Buchanan, Staff Writer

YouTube.  What was once a fun website to share funny videos has now turned into one of the most popular sites online and has pioneered a new multimedia platform.  People who used to turn on MTV to watch music videos now turn to YouTube. People who were once simply trying to be funny with their friends are now known as celebrities all over the world. Today, YouTubers have been able to entertain people all over the world without the restrictions of a TV screen.

It was assumed from the time that YouTube became a popular entertainment site, that the privilege that is free entertainment couldn’t last forever.

And that time has come.

YouTube released the new YouTube Red, a new subscription plan on YouTube. For just $10 a month, viewers can experience ad free videos, view content off-line, and watch videos on a device and move to another app at the same time. Plus, starting in 2016, YouTube Red subscribers can view content that only they can watch, starring a lot of famous YouTubers.

Questions and concerns continue to rise from viewers and creators alike.  Will this new money go towards paying YouTubers? What does this mean for creators and their fanbases? What will change for the people who can’t, or don’t want to, pay for YouTube Red?  

The good news for creators is that YouTube Red will absolutely help pay YouTubers more efficiently than ads have ever been able to. Plus, nothing changes to the everyday viewer on the site, they can still watch all of the creators they normally watch.

But the main thing people wonder about is if this is actually worth the cost.

Well, to some people, the idea of not having to deal with ads and being able to listen to music on YouTube and check Twitter and Instagram at the same time sounds fantastic. On the other hand, some people feel that YouTube would be losing its roots with the idea of not all of YouTube being free and the thought of having to spend $10 a month doesn’t sound appealing either.

All in all, for those who don’t think this is a good idea, won’t be affected by it, but for those who do want to jump on the YouTube Red express will experience many advantages. Red will definitely change the face  and branding of YouTube, but hopefully, the values of what the YouTube community brings to the world will never change.