Howdie Maja Carlsen!


By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Maja Carlsen is a foreign exchange student for this year.  She talks about her experience  being in the United Sates.  She has made friends who have become a big part of her life in such of short period of time. This experience, she thinks, will help her a lot in her future.

The Wrangler: How does it feel being new to this school?
Carlsen: “It feels weird being new to a school, I’ve been at the same school for ten years so starting a new place with new rules is weird.”

What difference from the rules in the United States and in Denmark?
Carlsen: “Everything is different; the school system, the people, everything.”

The Wrangler: Is It better living here or living back in your country?
Carlsen: “I feel it is better living in my country but that is just me.”

The Wrangler: What was your first impression of the United States?
Carlsen: “That the people are really nice.”

The Wrangler: Why was the reason you wanted to be a foreign exchange student?
Carlsen: “I wanted to experience a different culture. I love traveling so I get the opportunity to live it.”

The Wrangler: How do you assimilate to the culture and food here?
Carlsen: “I try everything; I try the food and give the people a chance. Try it all.”

The Wrangler: What is your favorite food from the United States?
Carlsen: “Starbucks!”

The Wrangler: What is your favorite drink from Starbucks?
Carlsen: “Frappuccino!”

The Wrangler: How do you handle being homesick?
Carlsen: “Being homesick is a big part of this experience. That even though you  experience a lot you still think about home. I haven’t handled it well but I’m trying.”

The Wrangler: What other languages do you speak besides English?
Carlsen: “Danish and English.”

The Wrangler: How did you learn English?
Carlsen: “I had it in School. I have been speaking English since sixth grade, so for seven years.”

The Wrangler: What is one thing that you enjoy doing?
Carlsen: “I like singing.  I’m in choir I really enjoy that.”