14 Reasons Why Water is the Best Drink Ever


By Sara Vivas, Staff Writer

I know; it seems boring. Sometimes you get tired of drinking flavorless water. But next time you’re choosing between water and some other drink, remember these things.

  1. You aren’t “drinking your calories”. Water has no calories.
  2. After a long workout, water can feel so refreshing. Especially cold water.
  3. Without water, we would all be dead.
  4. Our bodies would only consist of that 30% that isn’t water. Gross.
  5. If you didn’t mind “drinking calories”, you can add so many different flavored powders!
  6. Have a sore throat? Don’t have time to make a hot drink? Plain water can be pretty soothing.
  7. Water doesn’t stain your clothes. Or your couch. Or your car. Or anywhere else you’ve spilled in the last few hours.
  8. Not only does it not stain, it helps you get other stains out.
  9. Water makes so many fun activities possible. Swimming, water balloons, dunking principals…
  10. When it gets cold enough, every three years, water becomes snow! Snow brings even more fun like skiing and sledding.
  11. Without water, we couldn’t shower or bathe; imagine a world without that. *shudders*
  12. If you’re getting tired, drink water. It wakes you up and gives you energy.
  13. Without rain, there would be no beautiful plants, no cute animals, and no rainbows. NO RAINBOWS.
  14. You also wouldn’t have the chance to wear those really cute rain boots, that super fun rain coat, or use that awesome new umbrella.

Now that you’ve finished, I’m sure you’re pretty thirsty. So go pour yourself a nice, refreshing glass of water.