Pop vs. Rock


By Katlynn Mckenzie , Staff Writer

Now if you had asked me three years ago whether I liked pop or rock music more I would have said pop. Pop to me was a big thing back then and I liked it because everyone else liked it. Now if you ask me, honestly I would automatically say rock.

Pop music today from Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj have highly sexilized songs and while some are like that they also have songs that aren’t. Some pop songs have no real meaning to them. Now I’m not saying all songs are like this, but many of the songs I hear now are.

Now rock is almost totally different depending on the bands to which you listen. Bands like Linkin Park and Green Day have meaning to their songs. While some have the sexual content most have meaning.

Now there are different types of rock.

First is the classics. Some of the best bands of the century are classics. I grew up listening to classics such as Led Zeppelin and Van Halen. Songs like Eye of the Tiger and Don’t Stop Believn’ are two famous songs that practically everyone knows. Rock songs are just that popular.

Next, is the rock bands of today. Bring Me the Horizon, Black Veil Brides, AC/DC (Though this band can be considered a classic) and that’s just to name of few of my personal favorites. These bands have meaning into what they put into their songs. Yes the content may vary between songs and albums, but the message the band members spread is always positive.

Here are  lyrics from one of my favorite songs, Saviour, by Black Veil Brides.  “Remember as you learn to try,  To be the one you love,” To me this is saying that even as you try to live always be the person you are able to love. Be the you that you love.

Also here are lyrics from the song Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. “My Anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.” This part of the song says that a boy won’t like you for you unless you have a rear end. Do I particularly like this artist? No, but that is my opinion. I do not like what most of her songs suggest.

In my opinion rock bands tend to have a more meaningful reason to write their songs. Songs like Saviour by Black Veil Brides and Stressed Out by twenty one pilots have a wonderful meaning to them and the lyrics are so inspirational. They tend to have a positive impact on their fans and they care about them. Pop songs can be inspirational to the people that listen to it as well.

Now not all Pop is sexualized and not all rock is inspirational. There are artists like Adele and Taylor Swift that have really awesome songs that hold a ton of meaning within them. Also rock bands like Attila and Asking Alexandria have highly sexualized songs. So it just all depends on what you listen to and how you interpret it.

Rock and pop have very different fan bases and song meanings but the similarities they share are not all that surprising. They have devoted fans and they do what they love. Making music. While some prefer pop and others prefer rock we are all one in the same when it comes to our love for music.