Donate Life: Organ Donation Table

By Grace Elliott, Staff Writer

There was an organ donation table set up outside of all lunches earlier this week, and this event was organized by junior Megan Foster.

Foster had first heard about the impact of organ donation from a friend who had recently lost a close friend who died in a skiing accident and donated her organs, subsequently saving many lives.

“I thought this was an amazing story and saw how many people she helped even when she passed,” Foster said.

Then, she got the idea of bringing the organization, Donate Life, to George Ranch to bring awareness to the much needed program.

“This cause [helped] me realize that I can help other[s] and save lives by just signing up to be an organ donor,” Foster said.

At the table there were two people who had received hearts as organ donations. The man and woman both gained months and even years on their life because of their donors, and if they have the chance, they will be donors as well.

“[Organ donation] gave me 14 months. The gentleman who donated his heart to me also donated five other organs. So the day that he died in the wreck he literally saved six people” the man said.

The two both agreed that it is worth it to donate because those organs will no longer be of use to you, but they will save the lives of others.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about organ donation, visit the Donate Life website.