Popular Television Shows

Popular Television Shows

A few weeks ago I put posts on Edmodo and Twitter with a link to a poll for your favorite television show and the results are in! The top three of ten are:

Pretty Little Liars- 40%

Big Bang Theory- 20%

NCIS- 12%

Because Pretty Little Liars was the top show that makes me think the majority of our voters were girls. It is a drama about four high school girls getting stalked/ blackmailed by someone who goes by “A”. They do not discover who “A” is until seasons two and three. I personally love Pretty Little Liars and have not missed an episode.

In second was Big Bang Theory. I’ve noticed that this show has recently become very popular for teenagers just in the past season, but I personally have been watching it since the beginning. This comedy is about four awkward scientist nerds that are all friends along with the stereotypical dumb blonde. They all live in the same apartment building and spend most of their days together facing different funny scenarios. This show is very hilarious, I highly recommend it.


There are a lot of cop dramas out there, but NCIS is by far the best. The great thing about this one is that you really get to know the characters and their relationships toward one another. You also get the mystery of the crime in each episode. It’s a great show with the mixture of comedy, drama, and romance.

Other good shows voted for were: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Workaholics, Big Brother, Awkward, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family.