Personal Milestone: A Movie on My Own

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A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I got into a discussion as to why people feel the need to go to the movie theater with other people. There is no real reason for it. I can watch a movie alone in my room on my laptop with not even a second thought, but sitting in a movie theater by yourself is almost a ridiculous thought.

For some reason, society has placed a stigma on going to see a movie by yourself, so, after this conversation, I decided to break out of societal norms and go to a movie solo.

Guess what?

I survived.

Before I went, I thought that there might be errant stares or whispers from the other movie goers or judgmental glances from the people running the concession stand. And in order to ensure that I would go through with it, I pre-ordered my tickets. That way, there was no going back or chickening out.

When I got there, I spent a few minutes waiting in my car, mustering the courage to walk in. About five minutes before the previews started showing, I finally got out.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t even get a second glance when I walked in. The people at the concession stand smiled and did not seem fazed by my lack of company. Though there may have been a few questioning glances when I sat in a seat without a partner, there wasn’t anything other than that. And honestly, I think that the only reason why people questioned my being alone is because I am young.

I do not understand why going to see a movie alone seems to be a personal milestone. However, I felt a certain satisfaction from successfully sitting through a movie without another person there with me. Maybe it is because it somehow reinforces the idea that it is “okay” to be alone; or maybe it is a sign that you are growing up.

Whatever it is, it was a gratifying feeling.

I would still rather go to a movie with a friend or a boyfriend, but there is something about knowing you have the power to go to a movie alone that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. I no longer have to depend on others to see the movies I want in the theater; I can go whenever the mood strikes and I have the time. And that is what made seeing that movie solo worth it.

Personal achievement: unlocked.