Money Motivated

By Bobby Luvender, Staff Writer

Money isn’t just paper, money isn’t just a tangible item, money is a lifestyle, money is a mindset, money is the motivator. Which is great considering money makes the world go around, but no it’s actually not. It’s horrific how we let a small piece of paper control us, it persuades our opinions, and causes us to throw away our morals, and for what? Too many people grow up being taught that the only way to classify your life as successful is to be rich, which is absolutely insane. The phrase “Money can’t buy happiness”, those four words contain so much truth. It’s so easy for someone to get so caught up in meeting the absurd expectations set by our peers that they lose sight of what happiness really is, and conform and obtain an inner suffering of dissatisfaction.

Parents should raise their children with the mindset of doing what THEY want and not what is expected of them and actually pursuing their passion and not having to be ashamed of how many zeros appear on their paychecks, or what type of car they have, or how big their house is. Obtaining happiness from something you love is priceless, and nothing will feel better than getting paid to do something that isn’t a job to you, isn’t something you dread doing every morning, but something you look forward to and are able to give it your all without hesitation. Without children being taught that happiness is most important our future generations are going to be in a world where anything and all things will be done to obtain a 2in x 6in piece of paper, and that’s only going to ruin them from the inside out. Money is corrupt, money is the demise, money is the wrong motivator.