Top 10 Valentines Day gifts for him.


Katlynn Mckenzie

Ape 4 U! Monkey for him on Valentines day

By Katlynn Mckenzie , Staff Writer

Valentines Day is fast approaching and you just have to get the perfect gift for your man. Well here are ten ideas that all men would love to have.

  1.  Handmade gift. Something that comes from the heart is always the perfect option.
  2.  Clothes. Shirts or socks that fit their personality.
  3.  Concert Tickets. Tickets to their favorite band or artist always make them happy.
  4.  Cologne. He always wants to smell good.
  5.  Headphones. They have to have a way to listen to their music.
  6.  New shoes. We all know boys these days care about shoes just as much as girls.
  7.  Food. Get your man his favorite food and he’ll love you forever.
  8.  iTunes gift card. Let them buy their favorite music and they’re happy.
  9.  Lotion. Well all know men get ashy and always need lotion.
  10.  A card. A little card with words of love are sure to make his heart melt.