Reasons why being single is better

By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Being a teenager is pretty awesome if you think about it.  It is even better when you are single. Sometimes people feel obligated to be in a relationship just because they don’t want to be lonely or they just want to feel loved by someone that isn’t a family member or a friend.

Here are a reasons why being single is the best thing in the world.

Number one: you don’t have to worry about buying anybody anything. For example, you’ll have money for yourself and not worry about having to spend a dime on someone all the time.  All the more power to you to spend  on clothes, food, makeup.

Number two: you don’t have to feel like you don’t have time for your friends and feel like you are always blowing them off because  you “have to” be with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Sometimes your boyfriend or girlfriend will get upset because they want to spend time with you and you, but you already have plans with your friends.

Number three: you don’t have to deal with your family members not liking them.  Your family members judging them saying comments like “Oh why are you with him/her?” or “You can do so much better”. Then you are just scared to mention anything about them around your family because they might end up saying something that makes you uncomfortable.

Number four: the best one of them all –  not dealing with heartbreak. You don’t have to be an emotional wreck because the person doesn’t love you anymore or vice versa. You can avoid being in a depressed state for months, wondering what they are always up to or wondering if they have a new boyfriend/girlfriend.

I believe that being single is the best option because you are happy with yourself. At the end of the day, it is always you and there isn’t someone dragging you around or controlling you. Do not get me wrong, being in a relationship is a wonderful feeling, but being single is better.