Sex Trafficking

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A problem facing the United States and other places around the world is sex trafficking.  It’s a huge problem for both males and females. Sex trafficking is when someone is forcing you to commit  sexual acts such as prostitution or pornography for in exchange for money, drug, food, and clothes. Most of  these girls or boys are in the age range of 14 to 16, which is way too young for anybody to be in a situation like that.

We  should stand up and not let this happen. Its begins in so many different ways.  Often a young person is trying to peruse a dream such as dancing, modeling, or singing. They set out to follow their dream and land in a nightmare.  Sometimes family members sell their own family member because they are being  threatened. Sometimes women are forced into prostitution by the man in their live.  The man demands the woman prostitute herself and then forces her to turn the money over him.

One of the ways that young teenagers get caught up in sex trafficking is through social media. There is an App on iTunes called, “Down to Lunch”  It supposedly  is where you meet people around your area and go for lunch.  Unfortunately there can be unexpected turns. People don’t think and go with strangers out to eat. There has also been reports of people getting caught up in sex trafficking from other social media sites. Tinder  Here you are trying to find your match and you end up finding yourself working for  days, weeks, even years for these nasty traffickers.

The main problem is that in this case most people don’t talk about being pulled into sex trafficking, but in 2012 there 4,000 cases reported . There are probably more than that, but obviously they are silenced and not reported.

There is a hotline where young girls and boys can call and  talk about what they are experiencing. FAIR Girls is a nonprofit organization that is there to help girls in crisis.