Trump: ‘I automatically win’ if Kasich drops out

By Blake Wood, Staff Writer

I try not to write an article on every ridiculous quote that Donald Trump says, but I saw this quote on the front page of Yahoo and I couldn’t help myself.

Trump is completely wrong. Kasich is the most moderate and the most “establishment” of the remaining republicans. Trump acting as if Kasich dropping out would secure him all of Kasich’s votes is absurd. Many of Kasich’s supporters simply may opt to stay home if he were to drop out of the race, and the ones who do choose to vote would likely be split between Cruz and Trump, preventing a serious advantage for either candidate.

Further, outside of Kasich’s win in Ohio and his close second place finish in Vermont, he hasn’t taken many delegates from Trump to begin with. To put it in context, so far, Kasich has 143 delegates according to Fox News, 66 of which he won from Ohio. This means Kasich has only won 77 votes from states outside of his home turf.

Kasich has not shown the ability to win any state outside of Ohio, which he did win as expected. Trump pretending like Kasich dropping out would secure his victory is ludicrous and someone who claims to be so informed should know that. Many would argue Trump has reached his ceiling in terms of the electorate that he can attract, and claiming that he would attract moderate Kasich supporters to his campaign is beyond ridiculous. If Trump wants an “automatic” path to victory, he needs to look elsewhere.