10 things to do in the final 10 days of high school


CC; https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2014/05/23/00/13/graduates-351603_960_720.jpg

By Kate Anderson, Staff Writer

  1. Take a different way to your classes.
    • Switch things up from your normal routine. If you take the back halls, go through the front halls and if you take the front halls go through the back halls.
  2. Buy at least one thing from the school cafeteria.
    • It can be a water or a full on meal but it is absolutely vital to have one of your last meals ever in high school be from the cafeteria. Builds character.
  3. Thank each of your teachers from this year.
    • They have worked hard and put up with a lot of seniors who may slack off because heck its senior year.
  4. Thank each of your teachers from the past years in high school.
    • They also have worked hard and helped shape you to be the student you are today, they deserve thanks too.
  5. Buy yourself a bundt cake.
    • You have worked hard so TREAT YO SELF.
  6. See a movie with your best friends from high school.
    • It very well could be your last movie ever while in high school, do it with your bffs.
  7. Hug your parents.
    • They have taken all of your teenage hormones and seen you through the intensity of a high school career, give them a HUGE bear hug.
  8. Watch the High School Musical Series.
    • Have a throwback marathon and relive all those childhood memories and laugh at how inaccurate those movies actually were.
  9. Watch the Breakfast Club.
    • Just a classic, a must watch before you leave high school forever.
  10. Finally, watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
    • Live vicariously through Ferris and plan all of your summer adventures based on this wonderful movie.