10 Reasons Why Students Can’t Wait for Summer


Marissa Vrba

Students eating

By Katlynn McKenzie, Staff Writer

  1.  They cannot wait for school to be over.
  2.  Most aren’t forced to wake up so early in the morning anymore.
  3.  Can work more and get more money for college or things they want.
  4.  A lot more time with friends.
  5.  People can travel without the worry about missing school.
  6.  We get more sleep and aren’t as exhausted all the time.
  7.  Most of us don’t have as much stress.
  8.  We don’t have to try as hard everyday to look our best.
  9.  We don’t have to see the people we don’t particularly like.
  10.  Our parents aren’t on us about our grades and assignments.