Canadian boy discovers lost Mayan city

By Averi Cervantez, Staff Writer

Almost every young child has dreamed of discovering some far away magical place, especially the kids who grew up watching movies like Narnia where a secret world was hidden in a closet, or The Road to El Dorado where the two characters discovered the lost City of Gold. Well this wasn’t a fictional movie for Canadian native, William Gadoury, a 15 year old boy who created a theory to discover a lost Mayan city.

Gadoury was curious as to why the 117 known Mayan cities were not anywhere near water, fertile land, or other land features. It would make little to no sense as to why these intelligent people chose places that were far from vital necessities, but he was aware that the Mayan’s were extremely intellectual in astronomy. The young boy lined up the current Mayan cities with the Mayan constellations and realized that at every star, there was a known Mayan city. Upon his investigation, he noticed “that one star in a 23rd constellation didn’t have a corresponding Mayan city” says

Quickly realizing his discovery, Gadoury then contacted the Canadian Space Agency, or CSA. The agency “is committed to leading the development and application of space knowledge for the benefit of Canadians and humanity,” according to the CSA website. They took a look into the Gadoury’s research and concluded that a possible Mayan city could have existed at the location. Since the location has an abundance of greenery, it easy to see how many people have missed this important Mayan city.