Sugar Land is putting the ban on cell phones into consideration


Megan Peterson

The idea of texting and driving is very dangerous.

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

Every day. Every week. Every year. There are thousands of wrecks that are caused from texting and driving.

In fact, Sugar Land is considering banning cell phones while people drive. The city police have noticed an increase in the number of accidents that happen at one certain location in the area, US 59 and the Grand Parkway. Most of the wrecks were more severe than just a fender bender, leaving drivers with more than $1,000 worth of damage.

In 2015, crash data showed that 116 accidents were caused from cell phones, which is about 18 percent of total wrecks. Also, the year before they collected similar data. In 2014, data also showed that 118 accidents were caused by cell phones, which is also 18 percent of all vehicle accidents.

The City of Sugar Land has narrowed down their decision to three different options. Option one would allow drivers to use their phones to make calls, option two would be a complete ban of cell phones while driving, and option three would call for no change. The city is not making a decision immediately, but option two is the most popular.