10 Ways to Have The Best Halloween Ever


By Maria Divina Canalita, Staff Writer

  1. Get a unique costume. Go beyond your comfort zone! Break the stereotype and get rid of your cat ears! Dress up as your favorite horror movie character on Netflix or gather group costume together with your friends!
  2. Buy tons of liquid blood and latex. Tricking your friends and family with fake scars just never gets old. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there that are easy to make. It’s hilarious, seriously.
  3. Throw a party! You don’t want to be alone on Halloween, of course.
  4. Attend someone’s party! If you can’t afford to throw a party do not worry! You can attend your friend’s party or go to your neighbor’s. Or you can just go to a random house without getting noticed.
  5. Go trick-or-treating. Nothing’s more fun than giving out candy to kids but it would be more fun if you join the thrill and getting free stuff.
  6. Don’t wear clown costumes. Don’t.
  7. Attend fright fests. It’s a new kind of thrill that you’ll get to experience. Zombies, Killers, Frankensteins, they’re everywhere.
  8. Buy a pumpkin-spice latte. Join the bandwagon!
  9. Watch Horror movies. Halloween is not Halloween without going in to Netflix and not watch The Night before Christmas.
  10. Just Enjoy. Every Halloween is always the best Halloween! So make sure you enjoy every moment because it only comes around once a year!