Letter to Her


Abbey McGee

My feelings for you still go unheard

By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

Hey dear.

You’re my best friend, you know that?

I love you a lot.

I appreciate you.

I wish we could be more than friends.

But I don’t want my love to ruin what we already have.

I value our friendship more than I value some of my family relationships.

But a part of me still wishes you felt the way I do.

More than friends.

The thought to me is beautiful, but scary.

But I know you won’t have it.

I respect what you want of course.

Relationships are about sacrifice, right?

I can’t measure the amount of ways I would sacrifice my being for yours.

I love you. I cannot deny that.

But you’re my best friend. And I will not disrespect that.

I will not disrespect you.

Because you’re my best friend. I love you.