“Cinderella” is my name

By Diamond Butler, Staff Writer

It’s not because of the cinder that would be on my face in order for me to be called this name, but it’s because I take on the duties she does in the fairy tale.

In the classic movie Cinderella, their lives a young woman who lost her father and is now left alone with her stepmother and sisters. Due to the jealousy coming from her stepmother, Cinderella was forced to do everything she was told to do. Long story short, Cinderella’s day for love finally comes and she leaves her mother and sisters, marries the prince and lives happily ever after.

As for me and my story, it’s a bit of a turn. I am sixteen years old, the second oldest out of six kids including myself. I have two brothers and three sisters, and one of my brothers is my twin, but I’m older by five minutes. I live with my mother, and my father is non-existent in my life. I am a hard working person, and I am Cinderella.

My older sister graduated, which leaves me next in line to step up to the plate and be an example to my younger siblings. When I was being told this by my mother the other day, I felt like that it would be too much pressure for me, but being that I was already handling pressure from my mom and my siblings, I thought to myself it wouldn’t be nothing new to me.

When people grow up they are being introduced to different things in life that will prepare them for obstacles that they will face. But based on your age and time, that’s when you learn the certain things that need to be addressed to you at the moment. I, on the other hand, learned everything at a young age. Being that my mom was raised in the olden days, that’s what she calls it, she learned everything she can while she was young and she urged her children to do the same.

I was raised in the truth, meaning growing up in the Holy Bible. I lived by it, I walked as if I was living the Bible. I still do it not to where I know the things I should stay away from in life and the things that are willing to help me in life. I know the church from inside and out, just as well as I know my house from inside and out. I mean of course  people know their house, but what I meaning is I know what goes on, why it goes on, and who is involved in the situation.

I have a two story house with six bedrooms including the game room and three restrooms. I have a pretty big living room, it’s spacious, and my kitchen is connected to my dining room, and I have a big backyard. My house gets dirty quickly, and it’s not because no one has time to clean it, it’s because my family is lazy and always expects me to clean after them, well at least the younger ones.

Unlike Cinderella’s relationship with her mother, I have a funny relationship with my mom, it isn’t the type of funny that would make people laugh, but it’s more of a weird type of love going on. I’ve been told that I’m a lot like her when she was younger, the attitude, the looks and the way I think and do things. I can’t lie I did some things that were sort of unforgiving at times and things that would hurt my mother in ways that I didn’t understand until it was being talked about after the incident happened, but yet I’m still living, breathing, with food to eat, and a place to sleep which is once again confusing to me. But I love my mom, I mean she’s all I have, everyone else is either not in my life or lives 30 minutes away. My mom is all I need, when it comes to help, encouragement, and love.

Speaking of love, it no longer exist in my life. There’s one thing that me and Cinderella don’t have in common. I thought I knew what love was, I thought I knew what it felt like, considering the fact that I had a relationship for two years with the same guy, behind my mom’s back. My mom is a religious person and I mean a serious religious person. She didn’t except the whole dating thing, she felt like it was a distraction for girls to only focus on a guy instead of God. Me, being the hard-headed one, I thought I felt something for this guy, like I love him, or so I thought. I don’t think I’ll be looking for that specific thing in a while, so with that being said I’ll probably die old and alone, or maybe not.

Besides my love life that doesn’t exist, I’ll just have to find love somewhere else, or in another way. See the reason I was looking for love from another person was because I didn’t receive it at home, so I thought I didn’t, but since I got saved, it’s different. I still have my struggles, distractions, and dislikes, but everyone does. Nobody’s perfect. Now that I realize that I don’t need what I was looking for in life, love, happiness, and attention, and now have been delivered from all the stress and the pain that life has to offer, I now have what I was looking for: Love – from my family, Happiness – also from my family, and Attention –  from my family and from God. I can’t forget about God because he goes above and beyond. I’m not in the things that are introduced to the world today, because of him. I wouldn’t be who I am today, I wouldn’t be doing the things that I’m doing today.

I’m a hard worker, I cook, I clean, I love and hope for things that somethings wouldn’t even make it at my doorstep for me to receive, and I dream. I do all these things and all these things describe me. I don’t complain as much, why, because though I dream about the things I want and need, I know dreams do come true. That’s why my name is Cinderella.