By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Horoscopes are interesting because they tell people what their futures could be and describes their personalities based on the astrological aspects.

The first sign is Aries. Aries is an adventurous, outgoing, and active sign. Their element is fire and people who are Aries typically are open to new ideas and love challenges.  They are positive people, which tends to make them popular among others. They strive to always be first in everything they do, making them the most dynamic sign of all. The weakness for Aries people is that they usually rule with their head. This can come off as arrogant, stubborn, impulsive, undisciplined, and confrontational.

The second sign is Taurus. Taurus element is water. They are hard-working, stable and tend to be very loyal to loved ones, however, they can be very stubborn people. Taurus people tend to be patient, happy, and willing. They are into making money and make great friends. Their negative traits are pessimistic, lethargic, careless, indecisive, submissive, self-depreciating, timid, over-sensitive, self-pitying, and moody.

The third sign is Gemini. This sign has air as an element and tends to love interacting with people. Gemini people are rarely boring and are very skillful when working with their hands. Negative traits include being unreliable, double minded, having poor listening skills and are discredited for being low on concentration. Gemini are fascinating and do not seem to have enough time in their hands to see the world.

The fourth sign is Cancer. Cancer is a sensitive and emotional sign. They value their home and loved ones immensely. Cancer people avoid any type of conflict and are often quiet.  Cancer people tend to be untruthful, prideful, untidy, resentful, lazy, and do not like to be bossed around. They can relate to others through pain and suffering. Cancer does not have ambitions due to the surroundings of loved ones making them happy.

The fifth sign is Leo. This sign has fire as an element and is self-confident, strong and bold. They are mostly independent and like to dominate. Leo people love to be outspoken. Leos tend to fire up quickly and be fussy about situations. They achieve anything they want no matter what. Uses their mind to fix anything.

The sixth sign is Virgo. This sign has water as an element and are energetic and smart people that are useful in many ways. Virgo people tend to be very picky and critical about anything. They also can be very organized when life becomes a mess. Virgos can be paranoid people and overly critical about themselves and others, but can also be helpful and humble.

The seventh sign is Libra. This sign has sign has air as an element. They are surrounded by art and music with nature as their best friend. They tend to have two sides and aspects of situations and tend to avoid any type of conflict. They also are considered very popular because they are trust worthy and help balance a relationship. However, Libra people can be manipulative and stubborn.

Scorpio is the eighth sign and its element is water. Its clear this sign likes to fight but is also strong, commanding, intense, passionate and zealous. They don’t ever seem to quit on anything. Scorpio people are often shy, but can’t be taken lightly. Scorpios don’t forgive and forget easily, so they can have a trait of being vengeful. They are  also very emotionally hardened, sarcastic, suspicious, destructive, vindictive, shrewd, possessive, intolerant, and ruthless. They will research until they find out the truth if someone is lying about something.

Sagittarius is the ninth Sign of the Zodiac and element they represents is fire. They are adventurous, love to travel a lot, and is a fun person, and such a good companion. They tend to be inventors and discoverers and have great confidence. Their spirit is relentless and endless.  Negative traits would be boastful, over-confident, brash, unpredictable, blunt, aggressive, inflexible, inconsistent, casual.

Capricorn is the tenth sign and element and they represent earth. Capricorn is known to be working a lot. Committed to responsibility and tends to be a really calm person, prodigious and confident.Not only that but the have deep wisdom that is developed at a early age. Negative traits  include nervous, jealous, selfish, suspicious, authoritative, gloomy, prone to depression. Freedom is key to this sign as they like to explore and travel to new places.

Aquarius is the eleventh sign and the element that is modern, independent and free loving. They have a social charm and love to make friends, but can be very  quiet. Aquarius is a very naive person and tends to have a lot of acquaintances, but few true friends. Their negative traits are being gullible, extremist, inconsistent, detached, cold, stubborn, unpredictable, and aloof. They love to use their mind at everything.

Pisces is the twelfth  and last sign and is such a dreamy and loving person. They tend to be selfless and care about others. They are very creative people and enjoy poetry. This sign doesn’t like argument so just avoids it totally.Love is more giving than receiving. There are also negatives of this sign such as pessimistic, lethargic, careless, indecisive, submissive, self-depreciation, timid, over-sensitive, self-pity, moody, negative. Never is this sign judgmental and forgiving which makes them the most tolerant of all the signs.