Overwatch game review


By Nickolas Buchanan, Nickolas Buchanan

Overwatch is a team based MMO video game. The game is remarkable, stunning, and runs so smooth. Although the game is amazing, the community of the game is so toxic you don’t even want to play anymore.

Overwatch is amazing game to play with your friends. You can have up to six players on one team; the game modes include “Move the Payload”, “King of the Hill”, and “Capture the Point” and “Moving the Payload”. All the characters are very diverse and have benefits and disadvantages with certain characters. Overwatch can be an amazing if everyone on your team can be a team player and not be a solo player.

The only con to this game is that you get toxic people. What do I mean by toxic? When people don’t want to play a team game and think they are the best player and call you terrible when they are the one that is doing the worst. Don’t pay attention to these guys, just deal with it, and hope you can carry the team to victory.

Would I recommend this game? Of course!!!!!