Capturing the moment


Sheridan Smith

Nicholas Castillo taking a picture in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

By Sheridan Smith, Staff Writer

Photography is the science, art, application and practice of creating durable images. Photography is an activity that individuals all around the world partake in, and they share with each other. Many individuals create art through their lens.

Nickolas Buchanan stated,”I got into it by stealing my mom’s disposable [camera] as a kid and taking pictures, and Wayne got me into it through his Tumblr.”

Many photographers share their work with the world through the internet, publication, or an art gallery. It’s very difficult for photographers to be recognized for their work, and when they are, they are expected to post every day to remind their audience they are there.

“There’s always a better picture to get, and I have only started my progression into the photography world,” Nicholas Castillo said.  “There’s so much ahead.”

Photography is one of the only hobbies where it’s almost impossible to learn everything that there is to learn. People who have been capturing moments for years are still progressing and are still learning how to improve everyday.

“I just love the detail about it. I just can’t explain it, and I love it so much. I get so happy looking at pictures,” Rachel Tucker stated.

The photography world has so much to offer, and individuals who capture moments are all involved with each other. In the photography world, everyone looks at each other’s pictures to get a new perspective and to be able to appreciate other’s work.

Photography is an art, and many people do not realize that. It’s a way for an individual to express emotion and creativity with just a lens and their eyes. It’s visually pleasing to look at your own photograph and know that you created that. Everyone should feel that feeling.