Texas Weather


Amanda Martin

The nature and weather of Texas is beautiful to see. Grab a camera, and go explore the great beauty Texas has to offer.

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

Warm to cold. Shorts to pants. One thing you can say about south Texas weather is that it is constantly changing.  Whether it is sunshine and warmth or dumping many inches of rain you can be assured that it is likely to going to transform into something different.

The first week of January was very unsteady with both the weather and the temperatures. Historically the temperatures in the Houston area are around 65 as a high, with lows in the mid 40s. In the beginning  of the week the temperatures were in the mid to upper 70’s, but by Wednesday they had dropped to the mid 40s.  By Friday the high was only 45 and the low that night dropped to 28 degrees.  This may not seem cold for some people, but for south Texas these temperatures were really cold and the wind made it even worse.

On Saturday morning, I woke up to the temperature being 25 degrees and the feel like temperature was 16 degrees. I was very shocked and yet a little excited when the temperature was that low and had to go feel the temperature outside. The temperature did not feel that bad until a huge gust of wind at 10 miles per hour flew by.  Now it felt like icicles could form. The temperature finally rose to about 40 degree. Sunday was about the same.

Now today, Wednesday, January 11th, just three days later, the temperature may get up to 80 degrees.  Bipolar is the only way to describe our weather.

If you live in south Texas you know that weather is one of those things that will never stay the same.  The one thing that gets me the most is when weather forecasters predict the exact opposite of what really occurs with the weather on a particular day.

In south Texas, when you wake up it could be nasty outside, but just give it a few hours and the temperature will rise and the sun will shine.