Into the Woods opens Thursday

The Longhorn Player’s are presenting their show of Into the Woods on the 12-14th of January.


Clayton Keeling

Sierra Rozen, Jack’s Mother, and Ethan Brandt, Rapunzel’s Prince, are excited to share Into the Woods with everyone.

By Clayton Keeling, Copy Editor

Into the Woods, our Longhorn Player’s annual musical opens Thursday the 12th at 7:30, with two more shows on Friday and Saturday.

They’ve been working on the show for four months. Before their fall show, Anne Frank and Dark Road, even ended, they were already cast and working on Into the Woods.

A lot of time and work goes into¬†“learning everything. The music is really difficult with the orchestra, but it’s fun,” Sierra Rozen, who portrays Jack’s Mother, said.

The work pays off though, and the actors love “knowing all the choreography, getting to sing in front of people. It’s just really a fun experience.” Ethan Brandt said, who plays Rapunzel’s Prince.

Into the Woods is a fun show filled with fairy tale characters and mischief, you won’t want to miss it.