Different faces, different experiences


Sheridan Smith

People in Europe hanging out at a park at a museum

By Sheridan Smith, Staff Writer

I always look at myself in the mirror, and I wonder why, why do I look like this? Why are the moles placed like a constellation along my cheekbones? Why does my nose curve to the right a little? Everything about me is different compared to everyone else, and everyone else is different compared to each other.

It’s honestly crazy to think about how different our looks, personality, and experiences are compared to others in the world. I get that genetics controls many aspects of ourselves, but the concept is insane. You are the only you, and there will never be another.

I was walking down the street with a couple of friends in Montrose yesterday, and I was people watching as we were all chatting, going from store to store. There was an African American woman, about 5’6, walking towards us with curly, purple hair and knee high boots with a fish net top, and I loved it. It was such a bold outfit and aura that I admired it. I wouldn’t be able to wear an outfit like that and appreciate it as much as she did.

The woman seemed so bold, and it’s crazy to think how many people are like that in the world. The other millions of people might also be the ones who are so fearful of going to school or work because of the interaction that is bound to happen. Everyone’s way of thinking is different, where someone could be logical and another is creative. I can barely draw a stick figure while a couple of my friends can draw on command. Everyone can do and feel different things.

Individuals experience tragedies at some point in there life, and some are so unbearable that it can change a whole aspect of someone. An individual can’t experience what another has experienced, even if the events were the same. People all react and feel differently to situations, and it’s all according to relationships, situations, and awareness.

There are about 7 billion people in the world currently. That means there are 7 billion different individuals on this planet. There are 6 million people in the Houston/Woodlands area. You don’t even know 1/16 of the individuals that breathe the same air as you in this world.