A Long Way From Home: Andre Adamy


Reid Pitts

Andre Adamy and Nerija Sickel

By Kelly Davila, Staff Writer

Brazil. A country filled with beauty and culture is where Andre Adamy is from. He along with three other students left their home country and came to the states to see what the learning environment is like.

“School is totally different.  Like in Brazil we stay in the same class and the teachers walk around. Here we have to move and we’re like in contact with more people than if you just stay in the same class. That’s one of the main differences,” Andre Adamy said.

He also states that life is very different here due to the culture and livelihood. However, he is enjoying his time here. He joined this exchange program for that reason of desiring to experience something new and different.

His main reason for doing this program is, “for the language, learning English, it’s going to be good for my future and for the experience of living in another country far from my family, friends, and a new life”.

Even though he took five years of English classes before coming here, it isn’t the same as speaking it daily and within the American culture.

Mr. Adamy reveals that, “in the beginning it was really hard, but now [he’s] used to it. [He] was not used to being away from [his] family and [his] friends,” but now he has adjusted and is enjoying his time here.

Also, Mr. Adamy mentioned that he experienced a culture shock due to the food.

“I don’t like American food”, he added. He claims that Brazilian food is more flavorful. This foreign exchange program started off with the Foshan students and now has grown to spread to other parts of the world. Many students that have participated in the program, like Mr. Adamy, are glad they took this opportunity to visit and live in a different environment.

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