Engineering students come away victorious


Mrs. E. Gresham

Engineering students at competition

Seventy two GRHS students competed in 78 events at the Gulf Coast Technology Student Association (TSA) Regionals at Lamar JH.  The GRHS Chapter won first place for high school chapters and Corrine LeMaire earned best overall High School Student.  Stella Cunningham won the Gulf Coast Technology Educator Association’s scholarship.   Our region has grown in include over 20 school and competition was stiffer than ever, but we will have 44 students move on to TX TSA State Competition in Waco April 5 – 8.

The students put in hours of hard work after school, on Saturdays, and at home working on these engineering and technology based projects.  I am so proud of their accomplishments and it is my honor to work with them.  The diversity and depth of the skill these projects require, from writing reports to creating displays, requires them to be well-rounded students.  Their ability to be competitive is testimony to what an amazing job the teachers at GRHS do.  Thank you for all of your support!  Below is a list of their individual accomplishments (* by state qualifiers).  Please congratulate them on a job well done and encourage them as they get their projects State ready and represent GRHS in Waco this April.  Go Longhorns!

1st Place:

*Chapter Team                                      Stella Cunningham, Megan Welty, Isabella Maldonado, Ann-Marie Jeremiassen, Hope Yeager, Iman Zia

*Coding                                                  Will Cupepper, Ann-Marie Jeremiassen, Sean Neal

*Engineering Design                           Abel Arckal, Bryan Chacko, Alexis Penaloza

*Promotional Graphics                       Avery Nycum

*Structural Design                               Bryan Chacko and Sean Neal

*Wood Project                                       Arturo Rodriguez

*7 Photos in different categories      Corinne Lemaire

*Production of Logic Circuit              Aaron Chee

*Material Testing                                 Aaron Chee

*System Controls                                 Babacar Ba, Hunter Duty, Sam Nkrumah


2nd Place:

*Animatronics                                        Will Culpepper, Bianca Michel, Michael Brewer, Breanna Almaraz, Chaz Ferguson, Arturo Rodriguez

*Architectural Renovation                  Andrew Thornton, Robert Crow, William Moreno, Brandon Gaithright, Abel Arackal, Bryan Chacko

*Children’s Story                                   Emily Board, Nick Delgadillo, Megan Tran

Coding                                                     Anabelle Land, Caitlin Do, Elysa Meadows

*Flight Endurance                                 Iman Zia

* Future Tech Teacher                          James Valentine

*Music Production                                Chaz Ferguson

*On Demand Video                               Anabelle Land, Caitlen Do, Megan Welty, Donnie Edwards, Emily Linck, Cassie Chen

*Transportation Modeling                   Hunter Duty

*Webmaster                                             Daniel Ajisafe, Will Culpepper, James Valentine, Colton Pounders

*3 Photos in different categories         Corinne Lemaire

*Production of Logic Circuit                Chace Young

*STEM Careers                                       Stella Cunningham

*3D Printing 2-5 parts                          James Valentine


3rd Place:

Animatronics                                        Abel Arackel, Sean Neal, Ryan Leos, Stella Cunningham, Bryan Chacko, William Moreno

*CAD – Architecture                           Elyssa Meadows

*Computer Integrated Man.              Megan Welty, Kevin Farr

*Flight                                                    Jithin James

*Promotional Design                          Carmela Teresa Espinosa

Transportation Modeling                   Donnie Edwards

*Video Game Design                           Josh Prushing, Reid Yeager, Zach Carlino, Alexander Desormeaux, Annabelle Land

Webmaster                                            Annabelle Land, Caitlin Do, Dawson Pate

*3D Printing 6-10 Parts                      James Valentine

*2 Photos in various categories         Corinne Lemaire


4th Place:

Architectural Renovation                   Kevin Ma, Cassie Chen, Kayla Legaspi, Ben Miller, Colton Pounders

CAD – Architecture                             Daniel Ajisafe

CAD – Engineering                              Ryan Dennis

Digital Video Production                    Cassie Chen

Engineering Design                             Andrew Thornton, Donnie Edwards

Fashion Design                                     Emily Board, Arturo Rodriguez, Avery Nycum

Flight                                                       Aamir Sarani

On Demand Video                                Promise Eke, Seth McVea, Kunal Mody, Kyle Nguyen, Matthew Cleetus

Prepared Presentation                         Ibbi Sheikh

Promotional Design                            Caitlin Do

Technology Bowl                                  Kyle Nguyen, Promise Eke, Avery Nycum