Portable Spectulation

By Abbey McGee, Staff Writer

People who have rolled up into George Ranch have not failed to notice the sudden display of portable classrooms just outside the English hallways. Every day there seems to be a new addition, and many students are wondering just what classes are going to be in those portables.

“From what I’ve heard, the school’s too big, and there are too many floating teachers,” Elysa Meadows, a junior, said. “The school’s overpopulated, even rooms not to be in use are in use, so the school needed portables.”

Meadows is far from wrong about the school’s current population. According to the school website, George Ranch High School’s current enrollment is 2527 students, and next year, a class of around 800-900 freshman will be coming in; and only around 600 seniors are graduating.

Many students have shown distaste towards the new portables.

“I wouldn’t want to be in them,” junior Jared Sorenson said.

“I think it messes up the rural look of the school,” a sophomore, who preferred to remain anonymous, said.

Others think the portables could be a good idea.

“I think a core class should be used in the portables, like English,” Connor Grant, a senior, said. “It will require students to go outside for a time being and get some sunlight.”

In regards to what classes are going to be in the portables, rumors are scattered.

“Maybe the social studies classes,” Mayah Denman, a junior, said, “They’re spread all throughout the school.”

“I think a few of the small extracurricular classes!” Ainsley McGee, an eighth grader said.

“Honestly I just kind of want them to stuff the freshman into the pods,” Katlynn Mckenzie, a junior, said.