The Surface Studio isn’t just big in size


press release

Microsoft’s Surface Studio is a monster of an all-in-one computer. Sitting at 28 inches on its display it nears some ultrawide monitors like Acer’s Predator X34.
The Studio isn’t just big in screen size, its price is well above what you would want to spend on an average or even enthusiast grade desktop. With the base model sitting at a cool $3,000 many people’s wallets are in for a world of hurt if they want this in their home. With an Intel i5 processor, an SSD and hard drive thrown together for some storage, 8GBs of ram, and a Geforce GTX 965M with 2GB GDDR5 memory, it is packing some heat (even if that heat is like a mild sauce you grab for the weaklings at a party).
You aren’t going to be smashing games with all the graphics turned to max but you should be able to pull off slightly higher framerates than an Xbox One or PS4. The main appeal of this computer is its tilting ability to simulate a drafting table. Artists, Designers, and Engineers alike could use this to do their work on and make use of the special tool included called the Surface Dial which gives more functionality in programs like Adobe Creative Cloud and Bluebeam.
All-in-all the Surface Studio is a rather unimpressive desktop computer but has its niche to fill. Gaming isn’t what Microsoft had in mind but it is decent and the product comes with special equipment specially designed for it. Basically, it is Microsoft’s more expensive version of the iMac.