Hollywood: The Problem That Keeps On Growing

Beginning with allegations against one big time producer, several more famous men in Hollywood have been accused of sexual assault and misconduct



By Kensly Landry, Staff Writer

It seems like just yesterday one person was being shut down and exposed for his indecent behavior, and now more and more are following in his footsteps.

After several allegations against big-time producer Harvey Weinstein came to light, a stream of accusations against other men in Hollywood has flowed out. From big-time actors to directors, the accusations have not stopped. Many men have been accused of some heinous actions, ranging from sexual misconduct to sexual assault to rape.

Let’s start from the beginning with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been accused of sexually assaulting/harassing multiple famous actresses including Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan, and Lena Headey. Once Weinstein was taken down, the dominoes began to fall one by one.

Terry Richardson is a well-known fashion photographer, having shot for magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and many others. He often photographed young models for fashion campaigns or magazines. While many of these girls were just getting started, Richardson allegedly took advantage of them.

These allegations against Terry Richardson date all the way back to the early 2000’s, but no one has taken a stand until now. As the allegations of sexual exploitation built up against him, Richardson was, recently, banned from working with large magazines such as Vogue and GQ.

Another famous man accused of some pretty terrible things is Kevin Spacey. Yes, Kevin Spacey, the famous actor who starred in American Beauty and House of Cards. Spacey’s career has basically ended, thanks to several allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

Not only did these accusations come to light, so did the fact that the actor is gay. He has, allegedly, assaulted 15 men that we know of. Many actors in Hollywood think they can get away with doing inappropriate things, but now their careers are being destroyed.

Louis C.K., for those who don’t know, is another popular actor and comedian. He has his own Netflix special and has guest starred on popular television shows such as Parks and Recreation. C.K. has been in the news circuit recently for reports of his sexual misconduct around women.

He allegedly used his status to often make these women uncomfortable, allowing him to take advantage of their vulnerability. C.K. released a statement, stating that all the accusations against him are in fact true, and he admits to his wrongness, despite never actually apologizing for his actions. While these men often never face any serious punishment, C.K.’s latest movie has been canceled and so has his Netflix special.

Of the several men accused of sexual assault, not all of them are big-shots in Hollywood; many of them are large public figures. From GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore to news show host, Matt Lauer, these men are under fire for accusations of sexual misconduct.

Matt Lauer, as many know, was a famous co-host on the “Today” show on NBC. Lauer was recently terminated from the job, due to multiple allegations of sexual harassment from different women. Lauer was said to have exposed himself to one coworker and to have given another an inappropriate sexual gift.

Roy Moore has been running for GOP Senate in the Alabama. Several women have come forward, accusing Moore of sexually assaulting them when they were teenagers.  At the time, Moore was in his early 30’s. Moore commented on the allegations, stating them as nothing more than a “desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”

Despite the heavy allegations adding up against Moore, now 70, he has been endorsed by President Trump. This news, unfortunately, isn’t even shocking. The president of the United States himself has several allegations of sexual assault against him.

Although all of the allegations against many powerful men should be surprising, they aren’t. Too many times women and men have victimized by their superiors and have been afraid to speak up. In this new day and age, many are choosing to speak up and against these sexual predators.