Russia Banned from 2018 Peyongchang Winter Olympics


By Nia Botti, Staff Writer

Multitudes of people see Russia as a country that is full of talent.  From ballet to ice skating, the Russians train hard and put on a wonderful show.  They often prove their talent in competitions, sometimes as big as world championships, or even in the Olympics some years.  This year, however, is not one of those years.  It was announced on December 5 that Russia has been banned from the Olympics and will not be allowed to compete.  Believe it or not, several Russians don’t have the natural talent they appear to have.  It’s all a fraud, and it comes from drugs.

Before Olympians compete, they are always drug tested.  No one gets in without either having their urine or blood tested, but people have been known to get through with drugs still in their systems.  This year, the drug testing has become more effective and testing negative is a consequence that comes to most that are on drugs.

The Olympic committee was shocked at the number of Russian athletes who were using drugs ”

The majority of the Russian team tested positive for drugs, meaning that they had an intention of cheating in the Olympic Games.  The Olympic committee was shocked at the number of Russian athletes who were using drugs and realized that it would be unfair for them to compete when almost the whole team had been doping.  Because of this, it was decided that Russia would be banned from the 2018 Olympic Games.

Though most of the athletes were tested positive for drugs, some tested negative.  These athletes will be allowed to compete under a neutral flag, but it will be acknowledged that they are from Russia.  They will also not be allowed to march through in the opening ceremony, as their team’s choices have taken away the privilege.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will allow eligible competitors to compete, but one thing is for sure– he is not pleased with the action taken against Russia’s team.  In 2014, Russia hosted the Winter Olympics, and he feels that because of this effort they should be allowed to compete in Pyeongchang, South Korea in 2018.

Peyongchang is 50 miles from the demilitarization zone that separates North and South Korea, but this has not changed the Athletes’ will to compete.  Even North Korea is bringing their Olympic Team to take part in the games.

The Olympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea will begin on February 9 and end on the 25th.