Snapchat Throughout The Years

The good and terrible Snapchat updates.

By Daniela Hernandez, Staff Writer

Remember when life was great and Snapchat had the best friends feature? If you’re an OG Snap-chatter, you know what I’m talking about. That feature ruined many relationships and created many friendships. You always knew who your friend/partner was talking to on a daily basis. Eventually they took that off and we were all so devastated. But we got used to not having that feature. With that came more updates that brought videos and chats. Before we were only allowed to take pictures, now we have more options.

In January of 2013, Snapchat transformed us into artists. We now had the opportunity to draw on our Snaps and create funny pics. They also added the Trophies feature which basically rewards you for sending a lot of snaps or doing things in black and white. They add more and more awards every time they update. But the most exciting feature was, of course, the Geo-filters. Most locations you go to have a cool Snapchat filter.

Yes, Snapchat brought many cool features throughout the years. But eventually, it all went downhill. In 2017, Snapchat added Maps. Maps basically shows your friends where you are at, at all times. It actually shows your location and when you’re moving/driving/playing music. IT’S CRAZY!

Hopefully, you don’t have any stalkers as friends. But if you do, please, put yourself on Ghost Mode. Ghost Mode wipes you out from the maps and you become more lowkey.”

Snapchat has completely ruined our life now. The new 2018 update changed the whole layout of Snapchat. It has become more difficult to view your friend’s stories. They also add random people on your stories, so you can look at lives of strangers. The way you view your story and your views is in a completely different place. They also gave us more Bitmoji, which is a cartoon version of you. We needed the Best Friend’s feature app back, not more Bitmoji. Many people, including me, hate it now. Snapchat really needs to bring the old layout back.