Possible Serial Bombing in Austin


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A bomb exploded while at a FedEx facility in Schertz, Texas

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Tuesday, March 13 at a FedEx sorting center in Schertz, close to San Antonio, a package exploded while getting processed. One employee has been checked and released after being deemed okay.
Austin has suffered from five bombings so far this month. Claiming the lives of two and injuring several so far these “package bombs” have been left on people’s porches, or were set up to detonate via tripwire, and have gone off during transit allegedly before they got to their true destination. With no obvious motive and no sure connection between each bombing, there is a lot to be discovered about this developing situation.

CNN’s law enforcement analyst James Gagliano said the following, “[…] But the method, the delivery system and the different means that he’s having these things in place shows that he’s trying to show — if it’s the same person on all five of these — a full panoply of different ways of doing this,” he added, “and that’s frightening.”


As of this morning Wednesday March 21st, top suspect Mark Conditt has been confirmed deceased after blowing up an explosive in his vehicle while police were moving to apprehend him.