Update on Net Neutrality Situation


The Federal Communications Commission

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

The repeal on Net Neutrality has been a long fought war that many supporters never gave up their support for. I have previously written on Net Neutrality back when it originally got overturned and will be detailing the near future in this situation.

With the Senate voting to reverse the FCC’s repeal on Net Neutrality yesterday in a count of 52-47 the opportunity to triumph over internet service providers and corporations that seek to tighten their hold on consumers who may or may not be stuck in there business has arisen.

There isn’t much hope for this passing the House since only three Republican senators voted in support of the reversal. Should the vote come to fruition we will most likely see a close but unfavorable result of the reversal getting shot down. Republicans have a majority in the House and if the Senate vote is any evidence for what is to come then there is sadly a very slim chance that this will pass the House.
Research and knowledge are the keys to winning this battle. If we all banded together and contacted our representatives we might be able to sway their opinions and show the importance of this regulation.

This really isn’t an issue of what party your opinions reside with. It is whether you are informed about the topic or not, and as much as other news sites seem to be selling it this isn’t related to the “evil left’s” moves for gun control and drug legalization.

Look there isn’t any guarantee that anything comes of this! ISPs will be all goody-goody forever and we will all be happy and rainbows will shoot across the sky all the time.